Real-Life Glitch Saves Me

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While we can all encounter rather strange moments in our lives, there are times when things happen that are simply unexplained. Perhaps within these moments, the direction or path in life someone was supposed to follow was based upon a certain pattern formation. Most everyone has heard of matrix glitches and make no mistake they do exist. Some even think these come from us living in a simulation of sorts. Maybe this is all part of the plan for us.

One 20 year old woman had a rather unexplainable encounter. It all started for her when she began having these vivid dreams about a long black haired woman known as “Aurora”. These dreams continued over a number of nights. Each time, she would see a distinctive face and it would simply frustrated and confuse her – because she didn’t know who this woman was. 

Days passed and she continued to search online trying to track down this mysterious woman. After a few months further passed by, she stopped appearing in her dreams. After this, the young woman stopped having visions or dreams of her anymore.

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Several years then went by and it was the year of 2009, she was in the car with one of her best friends at a nearby gas station. After finishing up with what they were doing, she began to pull out onto the highway. It was at this moment when she then received a phone call from a random number. The young woman decided to stop the car and tried to answer without anyone else on the line. 

Someone else at the gas station behind her quickly became impatient, they then started to honk their horn out of frustration. A moment later, they swerved in front of them, cutting them off and entered the highway road. In a mere moment, a silver colored Civic loses control and hits the driver in front of them. This person couldn’t have waited another 2 seconds of course. 

Stunned and shocked, the young woman then called the police. As it turns out, both drivers were instantly killed in the crash. The young woman realized if she hadn’t taken that call – then she would have been killed instead. She became rather emotional at that moment. 

Soon after, the young woman decided to call back the mystery number to explain and thank them out of gratitude and curiosity. The phone rang 3 times after going to voicemail mode. This is the message she heard, “Hi, you’ve reached Aurora, please leave your name and number.”

The young woman said she never had goosebumps like that ever before in her entire life. After calling the very next day, a woman does pick up the phone on the other end. The young woman explained to her everything that happened, telling her the entire story. 

Whoever this woman was on the other end, had no idea how this young woman got her phone number. She didn’t remember calling her either. When she then asked whether or not she had a social media account of Facebook, the young woman went to check it out. 

Her heart then sank into her chest as the profile picture looked just like the woman from her dreams with dark hair named “Aurora”. 

Image: Pixabay

Source: -Sarax11 on Reddit

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