Somethings weird at Walmart

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There is something weird going on at Walmart and its not the strangely dressed or undressed people who shop there. This has been known about for a while now. Many stores have strategically been shutdown claiming pluming issues among others. It seems they are gearing up for something in our near future. Is this a part of a plan to cattle people around the country? Perhaps so.


This has been known about for quite some time, yet more clues are pointing to things even captured on camera. The conspiracy is Walmart has been using their closed stores to established FEMA camps. Some stores have been exposed showing barbed wire, towers and military vehicles scattered around various locations in the country. They have been collaborating with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the NSA (National Security Agency) for quite some time as well with their partnerships.

Some have concluded that these key locations even have underground tunnel systems in place. There are already sections of underground tunnels which are being used to transport both private and government supplies. Are they stockpiling to support life after a nuclear fallout? It seems this corporation is in cahoots to change things one way or another. The bottom line is this is about profit and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

With these changes in place, will this turn our country into a police state? Already many have been speculating when and where the first events might take place. Certainly more populated areas will be hit first. The closed locations have security guards in place and others have construction in place as well. One person filmed what appears to be a mobile command center at one location. What exactly are they up to? It is anyone’s best guess. Operation martial law may be in place and we should be aware of what could actually be a reality for us as a society.

walmart-symbolOne location in Ohio people reported hearing booming noises before fences were being put up. The work being done is underground as they continue to clear the way for more tunnel systems and containment units. The Walmart emblem by comparison to the pagan sun symbol is very similar. It compares to that of Satanism.

Military training exercises include what is known as Jade Helm 15. These series of exercises reach a number bottom tier states stretching from Florida to Texas. This training exercises have people nervous. It is believed a command center of sorts is located within the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. It is here that the Illuminati are believed to have established their base camp. It is here where much work has been done underground to establish things for the NWO (New World Order).

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