Bigfoot Blamed For Elk Graveyard In Idaho

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It was a grotesque sight seen by those who transversed through the area of Craig Mountain located not far from Lewiston, Idaho. What was seen was a large elk graveyard littered with bones all around. Initially, the location was first discovered due to animals being fitted with GPS collars. 

Because of this, people were able to track their movements throughout the wilderness. It was by accident how this graveyard of sorts was found. Approximately 15 animals or so were estimated to be at the foot of this mountain area.

After an animal dies, the signal from its collar emits a pulse letting the local rangers know the animal has fallen. Then the rangers scout areas and document what happened to track the wildlife and in particular the elk that live here.

As time passed, the team on this mission went out to journey once again. They had no idea what they would come across. It resembled something from out of a horror movie scene. These Northwest Sportsmen stumbled upon quite a sight to be seen. Quickly they gave this location the nickname “elk boneyard” where the mountain is. They also ended up finding 15 different elk heads along with fur, broken legs and many other bones all piled up.

The logical explanation is that these 15 elk (perhaps more) were wandering across the terrain only to be swallowed up by a nearby landslide. The elk are thought to have been caught up from the top of the ridgeline only to be engulfed in a large landslide.

It is estimated that these elk fell down about 300-400 yards at top speed with snow and rubble piling down upon them. For whatever reason, these particular elk decide to climb a rather narrow passage located upon a steep mountain slope. 

bigfoot behind tree

However, others think something else was behind this. According to the local community here, they sincerely believe that Bigfoot was responsible for this mass slaughtering of elks. One person said they have lived here most of their life and have heard about stories regarding Bigfoot residing in the woods. 

Maybe these elk were tossed with brutal strength off the side of the ledge way here after Bigfoot possibly feasted upon them. All of this is mere theory but people can believe all sorts of things. The entire location has that ominous feeling about it, it was creepy, some said. Whether or not Bigfoot is here is questionable but likely in the deepest remote places is where someone would find such a creature it would seem. 

Source: anomalien

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