Man has sex with McChicken sandwich

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McChicken sandwich photo

In desperate times there are desperate actions. A man apparently was so hard up, he thought what the hell…I’m gonna have sex with my McDonald’s McChicken sandwich. This story has since gone viral around the internet. People’s reactions are rather amusing about it on social media sites such as Twitter.

Just when you thought you have heard about everything, something else comes along to surprise you. Perhaps this is a sign of the times. Why on Earth would someone do such a thing? Was it for fame or was he really that desperate?

If you are like many who are wondering why he did it, the reason hasn’t been explained yet. A man decided to struggle with a sandwich in a way which will leave you unable to ever eat at McDonald’s ever again. Where and why did this happen? There are other questions such as anyone else witnessing him do this.

YouTube personality Sky Williams also attempted to post his reaction to this story. He simply couldn’t handle it and immediately started laughing. Sky said “If you’re like, wondering, why the McChicken thing is trending. It’s because there is a man f**king a McChicken. And he is like, giving it to that McChicken. It’s a long-winded sexual struggle”.


This is nothing but an anything goes type moment. The man spent his “hard earned dollar” off the dollar menu at McDonald’s. There is actually a sexual fetish for this known as sitophilia or food play. This is an arousal or gratification which is achieved from using food during sex. It is a sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food. Everyone’s best guess to whether or not this man has this fetish or it was a moment of madness.

(For those wanting to see the actual video it has been taken down on Vine. Here is a new link for those who want to see it found HERE.)

This guy on YouTube seems to be distraught over this.

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