Canadian Man Captures An Ogopogo On Camera

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The sight may left some people unsettled but while Jim La Rocque was at Skaha Lake with his family, he noticed something quite unusual after hearing a swooshing sound. Quickly, he picked up his phone and recorded an unexplained ripple of waves seen in the water.

Quite possibly, he may have recorded a partly exposed Ogopogo in the water. In Canadian folklore, a Ogopogo or Naitaka is referred to as “spirit of the lake”. This type of lake monster, has been sighted before and reportedly resides within Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada.

This type of water serpent, has been reported to be between 40 to 50 feet long. Some think this serpent of the lake, is comparable to that of a Basilosaurus or Mosasaurus. The creature is really large to make such waves in the water like this.

The video by La Rocque is an interesting one. The ripples of water appear to resemble large humps from different perspectives. Jim believes his video is pretty good evidence of such a creature. He went on to say, “this is, in my opinion, a definitive Ogopogo sighting.” Jim’s son witnessed a flipper that protruded from the water when this happened.

Okanagan Lake and Surrounding hills from the western shore

As quickly as there are people to believe, there are those who doubt. One researcher named Bill Steciuk, dismissed Jim’s video. He has personally witnessed more compelling evidence over the years, which allegedly pales by comparison. It is tough to imagine this Ogopogo being able to transverse through various obstacles in its path. This would include traveling such a distance through pretty narrow waterways and other things in the water.

Jim believes this is real and anyone who has seen the video should look at it more carefully. He said, “it’ll make you a believer” of this legend. The Ogopogo has been seen by First Nations people since the 19th century.

There have been other sightings of Ogopogo dating back to 1946, in different parts of Canada. Jim’s video, along with his eyewitness testimony, makes one wonder about it. Perhaps this is a living dinosaur of some kind, that survived throughout time. It isn’t as far fetched as it seems. After all, dinosaurs once roamed the world at one point in time. Maybe this one survived.

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