Siberian witch buys psychic cat in Russia

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Psychic cat in Russia sold to witch

An astonishing purchase was made by a Siberian witch, who bought a psychic cat back in January of this year. She paid $86,000 dollars for this fabulous feline. Apparently, this cat was inherited by a man named Dmitry R from Russia after his aunt had died. The cat was originally named as Charles Utkins. When he received the cat, rather bizarre things started happening in his life. He knew something was special about this particular cat.

Dmitry R claimed that this cat put his marriage in jeopardy as well. Word about this cat, quickly spread around Russia. Eventually, this Siberian witch learned of the cat. She later would approach Dmitry, offering to buy the cat from him at his home in Blagoveshchensk.

Psychic cat with Dmitry

She said this cat would be most useful in her ritual magic practices. This strange story continued to spread and quickly became viral. Dmitry said, that the cat would suddenly appear from behind locked doors, often playing mind games with him. The cat used mind control, forcing him to buy cat food in the middle of the night sometimes.

Dmitry said: ‘The doors to the rooms were closed, and the cat, shut away elsewhere, suddenly appears in the room from behind closed doors, although nobody let him go.

‘He reads minds, but the worst thing—he inspires thoughts. And these thoughts will be fulfilled, they are impossible to resist. He made me go shopping and buy what he needed.

‘Before I met Utkins (the cat) I… did not believe in supernatural things. But this creature managed to inspire me to thoughts and shame me to do what I do not want to do.

‘For example, I do not eat fish, at all, I don’t like it, or sausages. He would wake me up at 5 am with a strong desire to eat fish or sausage. So much so, that I had to go out right then to buy it and give it to the cat. And as soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.’

Dmitry also said, that this cat would stare out into space, seeing things that humans simply cannot. Dmitry made mention about his marriage, saying that his wife felt uneasy around this “psychic cat”. Life continued to be difficult for the couple, inevitably putting a strain on their marriage. They got rid of the cat, to the witch and walked away richer in different ways.

Psychic cat

The clairvoyant (the Siberian witch) proclaimed by the media, came to have a look at the cat and wasted no time offering to buy it from them. When she arrived at their doorstep, she was dressed in expensive clothes.

She was young and attractive with long blonde hair. She departed to Novosibirsk with her new cat now called “Charlie”. A special veterinarian passport was made for the cat. The witch proclaimed that the cat will pay off for her. She has a website with respectable clientele. The cat will now assist the witch with seances and other rituals.

(Source: Siberian Times and Daily Mail)

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