Anti-Witchcraft Liquid Found At Witch’s Childhood Home

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Recently, while workers were repairing a roof at an old English pub, they discovered something quite unusual. It seems an old Victorian era bottle was found which was used to ward away spells cast from real witches.

Astonishingly enough, the building was formerly the home of an alleged witch known as the  “Witch of Saratoga”. Her given name is Angeline Tubbs. It seems that the bottle containing this liquid was discovered while the crew was demolishing the chimney. 

Anti-Witchcraft Liquid Found

Out of curiosity, the vile of liquid was opened. Inside of it were fishing hooks, a mysterious type liquid, glass and human teeth. Production of this type of bottle began back in the 1830’s.


Nowadays, the building has been turned into a residential property. It was once known as the Star and Garter Inn located in Watford village at Northamptonshire, England.

Angeline “the witch” was born back in 1761, she is known around here and is even part of several ghost tours that frequent New York’s Saratoga Springs location. Angeline apparently grew up as a child in Watford village. She later left the area, once she was around 15 years old.

After leaving the UK, she ended up moving to America. To earn some money, she began to tell fortunes for a living. She was considered both a “mysterious and uncertain character”. With her witchy ways, she often surrounded herself with a brood of cats. 

While traversing throughout the village, Angeline would often wear a red looking cloak, along with a hood to cover herself with. She also would carry a handkerchief used as a turban bound upon her head during bad weather.

It is amazing how long she lived for considering how the Puritans persecuted many for practicing witchcraft. It is believed that Angeline ended up living for more than a century later dying at 104 years old. 

It is unknown just who owns Angeline’s childhood home, but they already have some interesting ideas about what to do with it for the future. The anonymous owner did comment, “I will probably hide it away again for someone to find in another 100 years or so” referring to the bottle.

The researchers at the Museum of London Archaeology went on to explain that glass vessels were commonly used as protection, or as containers of cures against witchcraft. There have been well over 100 different vials discovered pertaining to witchcraft. 

They date back to the 17th century. Just within the eastern part of England alone, there were 300 people executed between 1644 and 1646, on the suspicion of having engaged in witchcraft. It took nearly a century, until the laws against witchcraft were later repealed in 1736.

(Source: All That’s Interesting)

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