Over two thousand people have all dreamed about this man

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This Man

The extraordinary amount of people who have dreamed about this man, is simply unexplained. It remains a mystery. Perhaps this man is connected to these people in a spiritual sense. All of this, started back in January of 2006.

A patient of a well-known psychiatrist, began to draw a picture of a man appearing in her dreams. Everyone has dreams from time to time about different things. But perhaps, this man had some significance to her.

After appearing in her dreams repeatedly, she mentioned that this unknown man—had given advice to her about her private life. Perhaps he represents something to her. (in the subconscious part of her mind) The woman mentioned, that she never had met this man before to the psychiatrist. The drawing was left on the psychiatrist’s desk, for another few days.

It wasn’t until the next patient (he met with) who happened to notice the drawing on the desk. This time it was a man who recognized this face on the paper. This patient said, that often this man visited him in his dreams and he also never met him before in his life.

After this happened, the psychiatrist decided to contact a few of his colleagues listening to what they had to say. They presented the drawing to their patients as well. At this point, there were four other patients who recognized this same man in the woman’s drawing. Now, he was being refereed to as “This Man”.

The people who have come forward saying they also recognize “This Man” spans across different places around the world. This places include Los Angeles, Berlin, São Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Delhi, Moscow etc.

This strange phenomenon, still puzzles the psychiatric community. To date, a physical match up has not been made yet regarding “This Man”. Still, only through the dreams of these people and perhaps others out there has this man appeared to them. Does he represent a symbol of wisdom to them or perhaps something else? He may well be a sort of sensei or guru to them.

A typical dream goes much like this:

“The first time I had a dream about this man I was having a hard time at work. I had a dream about getting lost in a huge and deserted shopping mall. Suddenly this man appeared and I started running away from him. He chased after me for what seemed like an hour until I found myself against a wall in the kids’ area in a supermarket. At this point he smiled at me and he showed me the way out towards the cash desks and I woke up. Ever since that night this man has appeared in all of my dreams and he always gives me directions to get out of the dream and wake up.”

It undoubtedly is an interesting connection, as these people have all shared a dream in some sense. A website has been setup for those to report their dreams and sighting about this unknown man. It can be found here.

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