Argentina gnome caught on camera

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argentina gnome

They are known from many stories, they are small and are spry. These small creatures usually lurk within the mountains and woodlands. They are known as gnomes. People usually have them outside of their home as a cute display for many to see. However, there have been some rather mischievous encounters which have some scared to death of them.

For the most part, these little creatures are rather innocent in their intentions. It was once believed that gnomes are simply guardians and caretakers mostly in outdoor settings. The origination of the word gnome dates back to a Latin word known as Renaissance Latin “gnomus”.

Fairy tale stories have spread the word about gnomes and have become a part of our folklore. Garden gnome statues first started appearing onto peoples lawns not long after World War II. Now, you see these statues varying in different sizes all around different places including video games.

Perhaps one of the most infamous recorded sightings was that of a mother filming her child in Argentina. Her toddler was on the floor of the kitchen, when a small sprite-like being ran across the floor freaking her out. The belief was that this small thing was indeed a gnome of some sort which wandered into the house.

The mother who’s name is Silvia couldn’t believe what she had seen. This small being moved quickly across the floor and appeared to run under the kitchen counters. The skin of this gnomish creature appeared to be gray in color. The video dates back to 2011, when they decided to release it online later. She used her cellphone to capture the moment.

Silvia mentioned that this creature had an odor about it as well. While this magical moment was captured, the interference on camera was suspected to be made by the gnome. She believed it was causing a static disruption of sorts caught on camera. Perhaps this was nothing more than a hoax, or perhaps it was something special after-all.

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