Weeping statue of Tarshiha

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They are known as weeping statues, these occurrences have happened all over the world in various places. It is a phenomenon which sparks much religious debate to its authenticity. There have been sightings of both blood and/or tears coming from the eyes of statues. With some of these statues they are under the watch of very careful eyes.

Are these occurrences religious signs of some sort? Faith is important to hold onto whether or not one actually believes in a God. Everyone seems to believe in something, we all didn’t just appear here out of thin air. Someone or something had to create all of this. Our origination is debated about quite often and has even sparked numerous wars over land and religion. In the end, ultimately nobody keeps or owns anything other than their memories and this is questioned as well. We only die once in this lifetime.


It is uncertain that there is life beyond death. After all, we all only live once. With little time people have left; it is their ultimate choice of what they want to do with their lives. Something inside of us known as our conscious points us to the choices we make—we rationalize our choice over and over again wondering if it was the right choice to actually make.

In recent times, these weeping statues have been documented. People can be gullible to elaborate stage shows and special effects as it is possible people are desperately seeking attention. As the year is reaching its end a reflection of hope was seen in a small town located in northern Israel back in February. There were hundreds of people who flocked to see the Virgin Mary statue which seemingly “weeps” oil.


Reportedly members of a Christian family in Tarshiha (near the Lebanon border) mentioned that they witnessed a miracle in their own living room. Osama Khoury said that his wife Amira discovered the Virgin Mary statue which was covered with oil. Incredibly she said the statue actually spoke to her telling her not to be afraid.

One neighbor witnessed the oil and then the word spread about the statue rather quickly. From what was mentioned…the statue appeared to have moisture on it and was slick to the touch (even after being wiped off entirely). The family was awestruck when they had seen a teardrop roll down the statue’s cheek. In the first week of this incident well over 2,000 people came to see the fabled statue.

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