Man from Russia possessed on camera

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What appears to be a man inside of a psychiatric ward, is seen on video rambling about around a bed. He then wanders off into the deep darkness having a tantrum. What he is seeing is unknown, perhaps this man is seeing something of a satanic nature inside the room with him. His reactions verbally and physically are displayed throughout the entire video.


It seems that he is then possessed by a force—as he is then seen levitating off to the left side of the bed from the camera perspective. The text is Russian and displays a countdown of sorts on the playback which was recorded on video from shooting the television or computer monitor.

What was the purpose of this video? Maybe this man was under observation as an experiment. People do have different mental conditions. This man could have any type of mental illness, that is related to seeing different delusions.

What he sees must be terrifying to display such a reaction. The assumption here is that he is suffering from a demonic possession of some sort. Notorious movies have spotlighted this kind of reaction such as the 1973 classic The Exorcist.


One can assume that this could be a part of budget film production. The origination of this video is still unclear only that it was uploaded several years ago making its way around the internet. The video seemingly shows a bed moving by itself and a scream can be heard. These images are rather disturbing on a different level. Whatever this thing in the room with him is, it has him seriously freaking out to what is happening.


Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this video is, when he begins to levitate into the air—only seen briefly. This is certainly something supernatural unless wires or some sort of other trick is used. Regardless of this, the footage has a real creepy vibe about it and it makes you wonder where this facility is located exactly.


Happenings such as this have been reported about in abandoned metal asylums, where the patients are either so drugged out or they actually did encounter something from the other side. Demonic possession dates back many years. Essentially, the belief is that individuals are possessed by malevolent preternatural beings.

The descriptive word for them is simply demons or devils. The evil spirit is able to take control of the individual forcing them to do their will. Sometimes this can lead to serious injury to the person or others around them.

Most of the time, they are restrained by force for their own safety as well. People will start speaking in tongues with languages they don’t even know normally. Usually the possessed person will provoke others around them with blasphemy.

While most of the time, people laugh something such as this off, make no mistake…it isn’t a laughing matter and even priests are sometimes brought in to rid the person of their possession.

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