Doorbell Camera Captures Floating Apparition Near Garage

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Whatever this thing was, it looked comparable to what most people consider being a ghost. This apparition seems to only last for a few moments before dissipating to another nearby car. The location where this recording took place was in Valdosta, Georgia. It happened on February 20 this year at 10:45 PM. 

Things like this are difficult to understand and see but this form does appear to be some kind of spirit wandering momentarily. Why this manifestation appeared during this time is anyone’s best guess. Perhaps this person died nearby here or was this home near a graveyard? 

Partial Spirit Manifestation & Shadow Person Caught On CCTV

There are some questions about this video. First of all, most people wouldn’t leave their garage door open like this intentionally so they wouldn’t be robbed. There are two parked cars seen in the video clip. Noticeably, this ring camera recording could be a bug of some sort but this is tough to believe. 

On the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, he also believed this wasn’t some kind of bug either. It appears to him along with others to be some kind of paranormal moment captured. This haunted soul stirs in the darkness unable to rest in the afterlife. 

Many think this video demonstrates real video footage of a paranormal entity of some sort. But not everyone is convinced. It is rather interesting and makes one wonder what else is lurking out there at night. 

One person commented in a more biblical sense by saying, “Can you imagine what will be happening in the Great Tribulation?  Demons manifesting before your eyes. The Bible says things coming upon the earth enough to stop a man’s heart. If you aren’t saved NOW is the time!  You do not want to be here during the Wrath of God.”

The dead are supposed to rise again when the end of the world is near. Is this a sign of things to come?

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