Squirrel scurries for help

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baby squirrel

When animals get sick or injured they are pretty much helpless, however in this particular story, a small squirrel managed to seek help by finding the right people. A baby squirrel found its way in the town of Heinola, Finland at the animal clinic there known as Morelius. The squirrel literally jumped onto the shoulders of veterinarian Samuli Heiskanen.

The small animal was found dehydrated, bleeding and weak before getting some human care at the animal hospital. The team there fed the squirrel various foods such as bran cereal, apples and water feeding from a syringe. The veterinarian mention that the squirrel “started smiling”.

The first reaction was amazing considering the animal had enough sense to seek help. This begs the question of possible life beyond what we might know of it. This squirrel had the smarts to get help quickly. Was this little squirrel once a human itself? Perhaps so…

“The nose-bleeding, fatigued squirrel clearly know it was time to check in at the veterinarian’s office, small animal technician Samuli Heiskanen said”.

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