Genie in a bottle deal goes bad

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Recently, in the country of India, a bizarre deal made the news when Tapas Roy Choudhury received a phone call from a friend on Saturday. During the call, his friend mentioned to him about a ghost able to grant wishes, making them come true.

Unbelievably, they were interested in this once in a lifetime exchange. First off all, why would anyone sell such a thing if it were real? Couldn’t the person who owns the genie bottle, just conjure up the cash they want? Choudhury’s friend said, that inside this bottle, was a restless ghostly soul…able to grants wishes. Intrigued, Choudhury sought out for the city with plans to purchase this magical genie lamp.

Magic genie lamp

Suspiciously, there were four different people who were arrested over this genie deal, including a policeman, who was driving from Burdwan in an attempt to sell the magic genie in a bottle. The resident interested in the purchase, lives in Baguiati near Kolkata.

Choudhury arrived with his friend to Burdwan with the intention making the deal. At the location of the exchange, these four people, were escorted to a unnamed hotel, where the deal was going to take place. The vehicle they arrived in, was spotted with a police emblem sticker on it.

During this deal, the four men showed off a small sized soft drink bottle. This bottle had a single Re 1 coin inside of it. They then mentioned, that the ghost was inside the bottle. The price tag of this magic genie bottle/lamp was Rs 10 lakh, the equivalent of around $15,000 dollars.

When Choudhury told them he had no money, these men forcibly took his Rs 600 along with the rest of their cash in hand. After this, they locked them up in a hotel room. Choudhury apparently contacted another friend of his and later the men were arrested on Thursday night.

Now, they have been released out on bail. Many things happen here each day, while they seem bizarre people are just trying to survive. It is unknown what happened to the alleged genie bottle lamp. After getting tangled up in all of this mess, perhaps Choudhury learned his lesson with such dealings.

(Source: Outlook India)

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