The Eerie Yet Bizarre Grave Of Kitty Jay

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This bizarre yet eerily captivating location rests in South-West England. It has since become a well-known landmark in this region. Many rumors about this have circulated in the countryside. Nowadays, the gravesite has been subject to a number of ghost sightings as well. 

Kitty Jay grave United Kingdom

The actual burial mound is roughly 1 mile North-West of Hound Tor. An entrance leads to a green lane leading to Natsworthy as well. It is quite mysterious and creepy, that flowers continue to appear at the actual gravesite. Nobody seems to know who keeps placing them there and no one knows why other than remembrance of some sort… 

A sense of legend and lore has grown around this grave. Stories date back during the 18th century about it. Many of them have been greatly embellished. The tale about Kitty Jay, has since risen to become part of Devon’s folklore. 

The legend first began after a charming yet beautiful young maid, fell in love with a local farm hand. It was discovered that she was with child later. This same farm hand ended up abandoning her. After this, she fell into utter despair. She was distraught enough over this to end her own life. One day, madness overcame her. She used a rope to hang herself inside of the farmer’s barn located in part of Forder, England. 

During this time period, it was customary to be buried outside of consecrated ground blessed by priests. Her remains were moved over where the crossroads are located now. Kitty was buried at the crossroads where three parishes exist. This intentionally was done so nobody would have responsibility for her.

It is easy enough to spot her grave as it can clearly be seen at the intersection. A small erect headstone marks her here on top of a mound of raised grass. People who pass by here often have remarked seeing some kind of ghostly figure in their rearview mirrors. Other times reports say they had spotted a shadowy figure. A cloaked looking figure has been seen kneeling down at Kitty’s grave. 

(Source: The Occult Museum)

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