Eilean Mor Island Mystery

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lighthouse walkway

Not far from Scotland, lie the Flannen Islands. During this time, three men including: Donald McArthur, James Ducat, and Thomas Marshall worked at the lighthouse. They more or less were guardians of sorts protecting travelers in the early 1900’s. The lighthouse which partly remains today was constructed originally back in 1895. A steam boat passing by noticed the the light was not burning and local residents noticed as well.

The weather during this time was horrendous making travel not possible. It lasted twelve days long, eventually local residents made their way to the island to further investigate. What they found seemed somewhat strange, discovering half eaten meals of mutton, potatoes and bread.

The chairs seemed moved as if they suddenly were interrupted during their meal. They did see that a toolbox and several sets of oilskins (and boots) were not there and the clock had stopped working. The lighthouse usually had one man stationed there always. The logs which were found  read:

Dec 12th: gale north by northwest. Sea lashed to fury. Never seen such a storm. Waves very high. Tearing at lighthouse. Everything shipshape. James Ducat irritable.
Dec 12th (later): storm still raging, wind steady. Stormnbound. Cannot go out. Ship passing sounding foghorn. Could see lights of cabins. Ducat quiet. McArthtur crying.
Dec 13th: storm continued through night. Wind shifted west by north. Ducat quiet. McArthur praying.
Dec 13th (later): Noon, grey daylight. Me, Ducat and McArthur prayed.
Dec 14th: no entry.
Dec 15th: Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.

Someone or something seemed to terrify the men. Interestingly enough, not more than twenty miles away is the island of Lewis. There had been no recorded storms reaching this area. Donald McArthur, James Ducat, and Thomas Marshall were all seasoned veteran mariners.

The rumor about what actually happened included theories of them being poisoned. An unusual seaweed was also found adding to the mystery. Perhaps these men were simply swept into the sea from a large wave knocking them off the island itself. However, years later a journalist named Iain Campbell made notes of how a natural crevice seemed to be on the island. This may have been what killed them.

The crew found that the light was indeed out. This exploration also recorded an encounter of a ghostly longboat across the bow. It seemed that these crew men had bone type faces and were dressed in heavy duty rain gear.

What scared them to death was the fact that these men simply didn’t answer them. Even when they yelled out to them after using their horns. Were these men the ghosts of these missing men? Or, did these ghosts lead them to their watery graves? These mysterious disappearances still sparks rumors to date.

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