Pleiadian alien females sexually assault Australian man

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A man named Peter Khoury had a bizarre experience on July 23, 1992, in Sydney, Australia. He later released a book about it titled “Hair of the Alien”. Peter was involved with several Nordic-like aliens, who both telepathically and sexually assaulted him.

Peter Khoury alien abduction

He recalls the encounter as very unusual. Later, he went public with his experience and also claims to have DNA evidence from a blonde hair strand, which was left behind by one of the female aliens.

It is believed that these alien species are Pleiadians. Best described as being tall, fair skinned and having fair hair, they mostly resemble human beings biologically. The Pleiadians resemble us by having two arms, two legs, a body and head. However, it seems that their ears are lower than ours typically are.

Pleiadians on Earth

It is also believed that this species of aliens, have already interbred with humans on Earth. If a Pleiadian were walked down the street, we would take notice of their striking good looks. People would notice that they’re different, but wouldn’t necessarily consider them alien. That’s how similar physically and genetically they are to us.

Alien hybrid children on Earth

This has led to speculation of alien-human hybrids living among us, according to some beliefs. Perhaps all of this, is some sort of experiment by this species. This could be their way of slowly integrating into society, to either protect or take over mankind as outrageous as it seems.

Allegedly, one of the world’s first publicly known DNA analysis, was done with this same blonde hair strand found by Peter Khoury. The sample and the data collected, was been heavily debated about ever since. From what is speculated, if a human was within in a Pleiadian civilization, they would feel centered with love and balance in their life.

This species feels secure about themselves and their expressions of sexuality. There are married groups known as “polyfidelity”. The principle of this, expands the idea of monogamy. So, instead of there being just two together, there would be three or more.

The marriage units are loving and connected together. They are committed to a sacred society of sorts. This also means that the marriage units never live with just one significant other, they have a multitude of relationships throughout their existence.

Peter Khoury lie detector test

Peter has taken and passed several polygraph tests. It seems he is telling some truth anyway. He has since gone on to lecture across different locations, raising awareness about alien life and other UFO sightings. Peter also formed UFOESA and discusses his experiences with others.

(Source: Floating World)

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