Strange meteorite lands on Indian village, turns out to be airplane poo

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People living in India, were surprised to discover what they thought to be a priceless meteor land in their village. However, they were in for a greater surprise, as 22 pounds worth of fallen ice, was in fact 22 pounds of poop. A number of people took sample home, keeping it frozen in hopes that it was something special. The believed meteorological phenomenon, was revealed to be human excrement, dropped from a plane traversing in the sky.

frozen airline poo lands on village

The Gurgaon Police department, said the human waste was found in India’s northern state of Haryana. The specific village is Fazlipur Badli where this was found. It happened on January 20th, 2018. Locals living in the area, were suddenly surprised as this chunk of icy poo landed nearby. Nobody was injured according to sources, however it is something they will never forget.

The Times of India, reported most of the villagers believed this to be a “priceless celestial object”. Those who believed decided to kept pieces in their refrigerator. It is unknown just how many pieces were kept, but a number of pieces were taken home.

A Senior official from Gurgaon, named Vivek Kalia further inspected the large sized ice ball. They said the heavy mass of ice, wasn’t a part of any rainy weather storm. Their opinion is, this was frozen toilet water from an aircraft restroom. They went on to say, that there are a number of different routes that frequent the area. This perhaps was a fluke, but likely happens more often than not.

India Meteorological Department

Vivek Kalia went on to say that the projectile was “definitely not a meteorological phenomenon”. It has since been sent to a forensic lab for further testing.

When waste falls from airplane toilets, it is referred to as “blue ice”. The reason for this is because of the chemicals used to reduce odour while people take their flight journey. This occurrence is far more common than people realize. Occasionally, human waste will form from the overflow in an airplane toilet before it makes it way back to ground.

airline poo lands on village in India

While facets of this feces story is funny, someone being struck by this block of ice, would likely die upon impact from the hardened ice block.

“There was a big thud and people of the village came running out of their homes to find out what had happened,” a senior official in the area said. “Some villagers thought it was an extraterrestrial object. Others thought it was some celestial rock and I’ve heard that they took samples home.”

According to the British Civil Aviation Authority, an estimated 2.5 million flights take place over UK airspace each and every year. During these flights there are estimated to be around 25 “blue ice” droppings from the skies above.

(Source: Channel News Asia and Travel and Leisure)

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