Ghost Hunters Discover Dead Body At Abandoned Hospital

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While they were out exploring the area, a team of paranormal researchers from Mississippi came across the corpse of a woman. Rather suspiciously, Sharon Wilson, 69, of Vicksburg, Mississippi was found at an abandoned hospital after being reported missing over the weekend. The setup of this, certainly seems like something from out of a horror movie.

Abandoned Haunted Kuhn Memorial State Hospital

Her body was discovered at the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital. This hospital, has been abandoned and ever since, it has become a beacon for paranormal type energy, including apparitions being seen along with voice recordings. Most avoid it, as they believe it to be haunted, while others have simply been creeped out by it for more than 150 years.

The Kuhn Memorial State Hospital first opened it doors back in 1832, after a smallpox outbreak happened and many people lost their lives here. Now, some believe their spirits still linger behind. It was here, where the hospital treated the wounded back during the Civil War. There were 16 doctors along with 6 Catholic Sisters of Mercy, who all died from Yellow Fever back in 1878.

Fast Forward to 1954, when local resident Lee Kuhn (originally from New York City) moved to this location. Upon his death, he left $400,000 dollars along with his estate to the Vicksburg Charity Hospital. A committee was constructed and later decided what to do with the new building. The institution was also renamed in honor of Mr. Kuhn. Later, the state took over operations of the hospital back in 1871. It was then renamed to the State Charity Hospital at Vicksburg.

Akeem McCloud, 20, and Rafael McCloud, 33, were both taken into custody initially after discovering the missing woman’s body. A vehicle was stolen, she was kidnapped and killed by the McCloud brothers and left inside the abandoned hospital. Her body was apparently dragged from inside to the outside at some point. When paranormal investigators came to the location, they then found her body and then contacted the authorities.

One paranormal investigator named David Childers from the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute, is familiar with the hospital and has previously conducted different ghost hunts here over the years.

It appeared that when he was at this location, he noticed that Sharon Wilson’s body was taken from inside the hospital and later dragged outside. When police arrived at the hospital, they found blood trails confirming that  Wilson had been inside of the hospital at one point.

David Childers has requested permission to investigate the premises, while others simply show up randomly. The hospital is a hotbed of activity and believed to be strongest at night. Now that a murder victim might have died here, her spirit may linger behind as well.

David had this to say, “Kuhn Hospital has a lot of places inside and out that would be an ideal spot to place a body. In my opinion, they should tear it down…There are open elevator shafts, black mold, asbestos, and debris, and people ought to stay away from that place. Some spirits just need to be left alone.”

(Source: USA Today and Preservation in Mississippi)

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