Tattooed witch babysits with ghostly spirit in house

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The Star tarot card

Located on top of a profile on YouTube, is a picture. It shows a tarot card known as the star. This tarot card displays a naked woman, kneeling near the edge of a pool of water. The woman holds two containers of water. This same woman, is seen pouring water with each of her hands. She pours water out, to nourish the Earth and to continue the cycle of fertility, represented by the lush greenery surrounding all around her.

Perhaps this sort of represents the personality of a Harmony Nice, a young free spirit from the United Kingdom. She seems to be into different things and is genuinely down to Earth, about many different topics. Often she shares her experiences on her YouTube channel and on Instagram. One of her fans mentioned that she is so pretty, she looks like a little fairy in this video.

Harmony Nice paranormal babysitting

The atmosphere she brings with her, includes her interests in witchcraft, nature, and of course tattoos and tips about them. This is among a rather spooky, sparkling graveyard of autumnal heavenly bliss, she brings to the table with her as well.

Harmony Nice paranormal babysitting tattoos

In this video, she explains her experience about babysitting and what exactly happened to her on that day, when she experienced something rather unusual. During this time in her life, she worked three days a week to earn extra money as a waitress. It wasn’t enough, so she also did some babysitting to bring in some extra money.

This time, was typically no different than any other. She was babysitting one of her fathers friends children about 3 and a half years ago. They seem like nice people and until this point, she had never met them before. It was in the middle of winter and quite cold. The location is quite remote and in the middle of nowhere.

The place is a farm house, which was well maintained for its age. She at first, felt like it was a cozy place to be. It was around 7:00 PM in the evening, Harmony was babysitting three children ages 8, 10, and 12. Also, there were two large dogs she looked after as well.

The parents pointed her in the right direction and explained where everything was, before quickly leaving her and their children behind. There was an elaborate lock and key to be used, to help secure the residence. The key then remained on the table.

After time passed, it was around 10:00 PM. Harmony then put the children and the dogs all to bed, before she went back downstairs. It wasn’t until later in the evening, when weird things started happening. Harmony kept putting logs into the fireplace, to keep the place warm during this dreadful winter. She mentioned that, she was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on the telly.

Harmony then heard a delayed knocking noise, coming from the kitchen door. Covered in blankets, she tried to keep warm on the nearby couch. About 30 minutes later, she needed to get the fire going again as the chilling cold crept back into the room.

The dogs began growling and barking suddenly, which was rather strange as before they were completely quite. Something must have startled them. She wandered back to the kitchen, where the front door was and noticed that the door was completely wide open. This of course explained why it was so cold in the house.

It still puzzles her, how the latch on the door (which was bolted shut) was even able to open by itself. The key was still lying on the kitchen table as well. She explains that the children were all considerably short and even reaching the top of the door like this, would prove to be rather difficult.

Harmony thoughts then turned towards fear, as she then believed someone may have broken into the house. The two dogs ran off outside seemingly barking at nothing in the night. After calling the dogs back into the house, she locked the door again and then went to check on the children.

They were all fine and sleeping. Harmony then sat back down, with the dogs around her. This time, she had the key with her as well. Harmony had an unnerving feeling, like something was staring her down from behind. The parents eventually returned at around 1:00 AM.

Before this, Harmony questioned just how the door opened and how physically impossible it was to have happened. She then continues on, explaining more about her believed paranormal experience with some sort of ghost. Watch her video, as she explains more about it.

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