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Goofy Ghost Prank Gets Friends Arrested In India

While they were out dressed up as a clown and ghost, several friends decided to get cute with the locals in the area. Because they kept doing it, they were eventually arrested due to complaints. This took place in the city of Bengaluru. They continued to jokingly harass pedestrians wandering the streets at night.  A

More About Gef The Talking Mongoose

Perhaps all of this was nothing more than the human desire to understand something from other-worldly wonder and magic, yet The Legend of Gef still lives on. This small sized mongoose story, has since become a strange twisted encounter and has become more of an urban legend nowadays. Back during September of 1931, a little

Ghostly ‘Lady In White’ Recorded On India Backroad

An incredible video, shows what appears to be a lady in white alongside the road. It was posted later on by Nuke’s Top 5, a YouTube channel. The first known video posting, is believed to be posted on the video sharing site dailymotion several years ago. This is one creepy video, that seems to show