Twin German brothers turn a bathtub into flying passenger drone

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This time it isn’t a hot tub time machine, it’s a bathtub converted into that of a flying machine. The idea is completely ridiculous, yet several brothers from Germany, decided to make an outrageous drone powerful enough to hold a passenger. Seen in the video, is one of the brothers going to a local market. It is here, where their favorite bakery is located. Instead of taking the car, he took his hovering bathtub drone.

Flying shopping in bathtub German twin brothers

It seems to be a passion for the two, as they have previously worked on converting bathtubs into various other contraptions. The brothers Philipp and Johannes Mickenbecker, have a YouTube channel known as The Real Life Guys. Perhaps the Wright brothers (who built the world’s first successful airplane) are looking down on them with a smile.

Philipp and Johannes Mickenbecker are 20 year old twins and along with their friend, graduated back in 2016. They have since tried to bring their unusual ideas to life, including a self-built submarine among a rocket bath with their DIY style projects. So far, the twins have amassed a following on YouTube, with almost 325,000 subscribers. They hope to inspire others, to follow their dreams and for others to experience something amazing in life.

Philipp Mickenbecker flying bathtub Germany

During this bathtub video, Philipp can be seen strapping on his helmet and later flying across a field to pick up his favorite snack at the shop. The bathtub is equipped with drone rotor blades powerful enough to lift off into the air. For them to fly a great distance, seems kind of dangerous but they are eager and willing to follow through with their creations. Locals in the area snapped some photographs of the the rather bizarre contraption.

Philipp Mickenbecker flying bathtub

“Before the drone took off, people didn’t believe it could actually fly,” said Johannes. “When it took off, they couldn’t believe their eyes. When flying outside we really had the feeling of flying, and we could, of course, fly much higher.”

“The response to our video was very good – most of our subscribers did not believe that we would succeed. Most of them thought that we would break our bones.”

Philipp Mickenbecker flying bathtub Kopps

Imagine the possibilities of something such as this being perfected. Someone could have a bath while on their way to work. Perhaps this is German engineering at its finest. At some point, more flying vehicles will make their way into the world and with them, a brave new beginning for all.

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