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The Ghostly Story Of Miss Thynne

While many have speculated about seeing apparitions, some have had interactions with them as well. It all started for one family back in 1961 when they moved into their new home located in the English countryside near Brighton. Previously, this residence was owned by an elderly woman named Miss Thynne.  Tragically, Thynne would later be

Doorbell Camera Captures Floating Apparition Near Garage

Whatever this thing was, it looked comparable to what most people consider being a ghost. This apparition seems to only last for a few moments before dissipating to another nearby car. The location where this recording took place was in Valdosta, Georgia. It happened on February 20 this year at 10:45 PM.  Things like this

Ghostly Apparition Appears Along Pathway In United Kingdom

It is a head scratching video, more than half of everyone who have seen this video, believe it to be the real deal. The video has been slowed down enough to see details about this ghostly apparition. It does appear to have a humanoid type shape. The footage was taken along a pathway in Stansted

Secret Spectre Keeps Secrets To Herself

In the afterlife, sometimes a spirit is gravely disturbed. It seems there are many different types of situations where they will return to haunt a particular area. After a grave desecration, a spectre will return to this world. Acting out different emotions, these versions of ghosts will appear visually to people and unlike other spirits

Dirty Car Window Or Ghost Crossing The Road?

This mystery video, is of unknown origin. It was posted on a YouTube channel by Elvis Georgijev. What is seen, remains rather skeptical. Either someone has a really dirty front car window or the video captured (what appears to be) an apparition floating across a back road somewhere. The video remains unexplained yet is interesting