Ghost plays hide and seek with Daddy

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This popular video has been floating around for years, leaving many wondering whether or not it is real. A man is playing hide and seek with his daughter Arianna in their San Diego, California home. He wanders through the house at night with his camera. He then records a series of different rooms, until he enters what appears to be his daughters bedroom. It is there, when the unexplained happens. Seen peering out ever so slightly around the dresser, is the partial silhouette of a ghostly apparition.

Arianna hide and seek ghost

To date, since the video was first released, people are undecided if this is a real ghost capture recorded. Often children have imaginary friends, it seems that this girl’s friend, was something much, much more. There are many things, that people don’t understand. We can speculate about this, all that we want. As difficult as it is to believe, this video might be the real deal.

A cat can be seen, perched on top of the dresser in the video. Its eyes seem to be glowing from the reflection of light coming from the video camera. Before reaching his daughters room, a ball can be seen, bouncing down the stairs. It is assumed that the ghost girl, known as “Mabel” pushed it down.

The father seems to be uncertain of what is going on at first, until moments later he realizes something supernatural is happening. When he reaches for the cover on top of the bed, Arianna jumps up rather suddenly surprising him.

Arianna hide and seek ghost girl

Later in a documentary about this popular video, Arianna explained when she shut her eyes, after turning off the light…she could still see this ghostly girl. She didn’t seem to go away.

Perhaps one of the more eerie things about this video is, when Arianna said: “Did Mabel tell you where I was?” The way she acts, gives this a real creepy vibe.

It is assumed that when the father opened the pantry, he unleashed some sort of bad spirit into the house. It seemed to gravitate to his young daughter. It is unknown, if the property itself had a haunted history or not, as the exact location was never disclosed.

Real or not, some kind of figure can be seen by the dresser. It appears to be a little girl with black shoulder length hair wearing a white pajama dress. What resembles an arm, can be seen reaching towards the night stand during one moment as well. It quickly seems to pull away, hiding by the dresser, in the far left corner, from the camera point of view.

Was this man playing hide and seek with his daughter and her ghost “friend”? Perhaps so. It still remains a mystery. The family did move away, from their experiences while living in this house.

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