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Unknown “Tiny Man” Recorded Hiding Behind Large Rock

Whatever it was, this didn’t seem to be human. While the exact location hasn’t been revealed, this video was taken somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was shared online and soon enough, some people were wondering what it might be. It seems the video has since garnered more attention since it was first posted. There does

While Driving Around In The Woods Friends Find Faceless Woman

Several friends were out driving around in Canada, they decided to explore an area of Okanagan Valley located in British Columbia. Often the two of them enjoyed spending time together and even listened to radio shows related to the paranormal. This includes radio shows such as the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM, which

Urban Explorer Friends Find Wandering Asylum Freak

The video was posted on YouTube by a Canadian urban explorer team. While they wandered through an abandoned insane asylum, they came across some kind of skinny freakish person in one of the rooms. Likely all of this was not a paranormal entity of some kind, as they appeared to be wearing shoes according to

Canadian Teenagers Stumble Into Creepy Wilderness Adventure

While teenagers from Canada were out camping, they experienced something extraordinary. Like many teenagers, they are both fearless and ready to take on the world. When they were out in the woods with their friend, they decided to sleep inside of an abandoned camper located in the the forest that they came across. This camper

Man Lives After Being Crushed To Death Inside Garbage Truck

His story perhaps demonstrates that something else is with us in this world. Some may call it luck, while others divine intervention. An Alberta Man experienced a nightmare, after waking up inside of a garbage truck. The entire thing was a horrific moment for him. To date, he still suffers from his near death experience.