Strange demon photographed in the dark

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Not much is known about these unusual photos, which seem to show a demonic looking being seemingly crawling out of the pits of Hell. At first glance, it almost appears to be taken at an outdoor Halloween attraction. However, this isn’t the case at all.

Apparently, a group of paranormal investigators, were exploring an unnamed park area, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It seems, that this undisclosed location, was rumored to have strange things happening within the area.

Reported sightings have taken place near here—which included ghostly whispers, growls and tree branches breaking randomly. More movements reportedly happened near different pathways, as people have seen eyes watching them—as their flashlights reflected the light towards the dreaded gaze of whatever was out there.

Image: Julie Meadows

Image: Julie Meadows

Many couldn’t imagine exploring such a place at night, but there are eager ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts who will stop at nothing—to find answers or capture evidence of something paranormal related. Meanwhile, most people would run far, far away!

From what is known, the paranormal team investigating this, circled around the rear part of the park at around 3:00 AM. Their photographer captured a series of photos, most of them turned out to be nothing. However, several shots managed to capture this demonic looking thing in the dark. Nobody we can assume, was brave enough to approach this thing closer, as it appeared to be rather evil looking.

Image: Julie Meadows

Image: Julie Meadows

During this encounter, the paranormal investigative crew didn’t see anyone else in the park with them. They did mention that each of them felt like something was watching them. This spooky feeling they had, was probably their gut telling them to get out of there asap. Seen to the right, appears to be a drawing or photo posted on the stone wall. Is this a missing person notice? Or, perhaps it is something else.

Image: Julie Meadows

Image: Julie Meadows

Later on the returned home to find these two photographs. They were completely freaked out at what they had seen. It was a red-eyed demonic entity of some sort staring back at them in the darkness. While some areas are traveled more than others, this location seems quite remote and kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Salt Lake City’s population stands at around 195,000 people. Perhaps someone else out there knows even more about these strange occurrences taking place around here. One thing is for certain, this is unlike anything else seen like this before. This demon has its own distinctive shape and size as it peered out at the paranormal team. No update yet, whether or not the team ventured back out to this same location or not.

Update:  Julie Meadows contacted us regarding these photographs. She posted more about these photos on her YouTube channel found here.

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