While Driving Around In The Woods Friends Find Faceless Woman

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Several friends were out driving around in Canada, they decided to explore an area of Okanagan Valley located in British Columbia. Often the two of them enjoyed spending time together and even listened to radio shows related to the paranormal. This includes radio shows such as the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM, which is syndicated on many radio stations in both the United States and Canada. 

Neither of them ever thought that they too would have an up close and personal experience with something from out of the ordinary. They explained how they were up in the hills in a far remote location. Their best estimation was, this was about 5 miles or so from the nearest house. 

When they wandered around one blind corner, they came across a lady walking alongside the road. She seemed to be wearing black clothing and was aimlessly walking at a slow pace. As the two of them were driving by, they wondered whether or not they should slow down to see if the woman was in some kind of trouble and likewise they were interested in seeing what she was up to. 

Faceless woman in the woods

Both of them were puzzled why she was out here. Perhaps she was merely wandering around to get some fresh air or to clear her head. Often nature is good for the human spirit. As the two of them slowed down even further, they rolled down their window to ask her whether or not she needed any help or a ride somewhere.

The woman then seemed to stop and the two of them pondered to one another. When she then turned around both of their hearts dropped into their chest. This woman had no face, she didn’t have any facial features to speak of. 

Where her face would be was an empty void. They explained that her face was grey in appearance. It was like someone stretched a thin layer of cloth over their face or if a bank robber would be wearing panty hose over their face to help conceal their identity. Both of the friends were not only freaked out by what they had seen but what to do next. 

Both of them were speechless as they looked at one another. Deciding not to stick around any longer, they then drove away. They looked back at her in the rear view mirror as they continued down the road and haven’t since understood who she was or what she might have been. There are many things in the world that are unexplainable and this is another example of that.

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