Unknown “Tiny Man” Recorded Hiding Behind Large Rock

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Whatever it was, this didn’t seem to be human. While the exact location hasn’t been revealed, this video was taken somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was shared online and soon enough, some people were wondering what it might be. It seems the video has since garnered more attention since it was first posted.

There does seem to be a small-sized humanoid-like man peering out from behind a large rock. The video was taken at night and the only light source seems to be coming from the headlights of a car at first. 

unknown tiny man discovery Canada

According to the man that posted this online, his relatives were there and happened to stumble across this small oddity. This anonymous man had the following to say:

“I think this video is completely real, because my relatives shot it, but they didn’t care about uploading this video to the Internet and promoting it. For many years, I heard stories about these creatures when I lived in this area.” He also admitted to believing in the existence of little men from Native American folklore stories surrounding this area. Many people think they are not alone. 

This mystery creature of sorts is quite unexplainable. It makes one wonder what it was doing there and just how random this discovery was. 

Some have wondered whether or not this was a real “gnome” or “dwarf” that was discovered. Certainly, there are little people in the world, but this humanoid looked not quite human from its appearance. Could this be a new discovery living among us? 

The video is not of great quality but during the playback, several people can be heard speaking. One of them attempts to shine a flashlight later in the direction of where the questionable creature first appeared. From what is understood, they returned back to where this sighting was but there was no sign of the “tiny man”. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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