Urban Explorer Friends Find Wandering Asylum Freak

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The video was posted on YouTube by a Canadian urban explorer team. While they wandered through an abandoned insane asylum, they came across some kind of skinny freakish person in one of the rooms.

Likely all of this was not a paranormal entity of some kind, as they appeared to be wearing shoes according to another channel. However, people certainly have died with their shoes on. Regardless of this, whatever it was living or not – it appeared to be quite slender and was captured moving around on all fours.

Urban Explorer Friends Find Wandering Asylum Freak

While exploring places like this, many different things can happen. Someone could fall and get hurt or stumble across a crackhead of some kind. People will stop at nothing to get their fix or even rob you in some locations. Where this took place in Canada is unknown, but the location seems abandoned and remotely located. This place had lots of graffiti everywhere.

A number of comments about this, have people laughing and scratching their heads over it. This scrawny person, is moving around uninjured it seems. It does seem suspicious, how one of the explorers hushes the other just before this freakish person comes entering the room. Maybe this is just someone acting with a wig on.

When the cameraman says, “They filmed that same exact thing up here…I wanna get this…Did you watch The Asylum?” It seems they were setting things up ahead of time, on a subconscious level.

The video remains to be a weird one and makes someone wonder what else is out there hiding in the shadows. Comments include this being an actual homeless person who is mentally ill or a drug addict. Someone said this has to be a girl, due to the size of them seen. Their arms and legs are rather skinny and “she” is crawling out walking with their hands as well. If it is a he, then he is very small sized.

Watching this in slow motion, you can see things slightly better. This person may have had deformities as well but it is difficult to see. This is certainly one bizarre encounter fake or not.

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