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No Clowning Around, Suspect Found After Stealing Pizzas And Scaring People

Several suspects have been discovered after police received tips about someone dressed up as a clown in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. A number of motorists reported seeing a clown running in and out of traffic throwing things at nearby passing cars. At first, the suspects were nowhere to be found, until later when someone discovered

Man Sentenced To Prison After Firing His Gun At Imaginary Clowns

Strangely a man was sent to prison for possibly five years, after firing his gun at imaginary clowns inside his home. The incident happened in Reading, Pennsylvania. The city boasts a population of around 90,000 people. A 35 year old man named Nathan Matthias, was inside his apartment. Nathan had been drinking and admitted to

Haunted Clown Motel now up for grabs

For those wanting to try something different in their travels, a motel located in Tonopah, Nevada can be a terrifying experience or a wonder of curiosity. This location is themed with loads of clowns, scattered across every twist and turn. People who suffer from Coulrophobia otherwise known as the fear of clowns, have much in

Clowns luring kids into the woods

While in other times, people and their children would play outside more often. Things have changed in recent times. It seems that parents will have to keep a more watchful eye, out for their little ones. There are creepy clowns lurking in the woods. What their intentions are is anyone’s best guess. They are more

Creepy clowns invade the streets

Considered performance art by some to others these encounters are completely terrifying. Several years ago, people were reporting strange sightings of clowns in the streets. Why they are there is questionable. What is known about these clowns is that they are seeking to creep people out. The clowns come in all different shapes and sizes.