Man Sentenced To Prison After Firing His Gun At Imaginary Clowns

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Strangely a man was sent to prison for possibly five years, after firing his gun at imaginary clowns inside his home. The incident happened in Reading, Pennsylvania. The city boasts a population of around 90,000 people. A 35 year old man named Nathan Matthias, was inside his apartment. Nathan had been drinking and admitted to firing at several small clowns, while inside of his apartment building.

Nathan was later sentenced, between 22 months to upwards of 5 years for discharging a firearm after an unrelated drunken driving charge against him. When police arrived, they found Matthias inside holding his shotgun inside the apartment. He was further questioned and later explained the reason why he was shooting his weapon.

Matthias’ attorney later explained, that his client wasn’t trying to harm anyone. He was suffering from “some type of hallucinatory event.” Nathan Matthias later apologized about everything and took responsibility for his own actions.

Man Sentenced To Prison After Firing His Gun At Imaginary Clowns

Police also booked Nathan on an unrelated charge of drunk driving. Nathan admits that what he did was wrong. The clowns Nathan had seen were fake and a merely a figment of his imagination. However, his gun was very real and out of fear for his safety and others, he was given this sentence.

Unbeknownst to Nathan, his shots put his first-floor neighbor in possible danger. It is unknown whether or not Nathan’s neighbor was home at the time of the shooting. Quite possibly, the rounds could have passed through a wall and into another room – endangering his neighbors or those who were in the hallway during this time.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered a bottle of vodka. It was obvious that Nathan had been drinking heavily. According to WFMZ, when police officers asked if he had been drinking, he replied “only a sip”.

Matthias did plead guilty to discharging a firearm and to another unrelated drinking and driving charge against him this year. He will be credited with almost 500 days, that he already spent previously in prison. His lawyer Eugene Tinari spoke on his behalf saying that Matthias continues to battle with alcohol addiction and his intention was never to hurt anyone. Perhaps he will get an early release and some counseling.

(Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune, Mix 96 and NBC 10)

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