Creepy clowns invade the streets

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clown in chair

Considered performance art by some to others these encounters are completely terrifying. Several years ago, people were reporting strange sightings of clowns in the streets. Why they are there is questionable. What is known about these clowns is that they are seeking to creep people out. The clowns come in all different shapes and sizes.

Perhaps the most odd thing happening are clowns breaking into peoples homes—simply to freak them out completely. There are a few cases of this happening as well. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets killed either way. Mostly, these jokers are out to wander the streets especially at night to inspire some fright.

clown on road

Sometimes things are not all fun and games. A truly disturbing case involving a clown happened in Portland, Oregon when a 48 year old two-time convicted pedophile, was caught molesting a young girl only six years old. She was in the care of her babysitter at the time. Someone such as this is deeply sinister.

The little girl mentioned she was afraid to be alone, she told the babysitter the clown in the chair scared her. The babysitter left the room after the girl screamed for 30 minutes. She checked on her later to discover her hiding over the covers. This happened again and she then cried for about an hour. The babysitter phoned her parents, they told her they didn’t have a clown in the house. She took a photo of the clown in the chair and sent it to them.

Ralph Horns

As it turns out, the clown was a man named Ralph Horns. This sicko had been raping this little girl for the last three nights. Police arrested Ralph Horns after dogs picked up on his scent. He was found several blocks away in the bushes. The young girl whose identity remains anonymous has been treated and released by the hospital. Police mentioned this is the most horrific child molestation case they had ever seen. This is no joking matter.

Clowns have been seen around California, New York and other areas around the USA. In Europe, various sightings have been mentioned as well. What drives these people is sheer amusement. Not all clowns are considered bad there are good ones too. Each year there are clown conventions around different places. It just matters which one you cross paths with and how you react to them. For clowns, it is about the moment and your reaction. They are after all entertainers at heart.

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