Haunted Clown Motel now up for grabs

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Clown hotel haunted

For those wanting to try something different in their travels, a motel located in Tonopah, Nevada can be a terrifying experience or a wonder of curiosity. This location is themed with loads of clowns, scattered across every twist and turn. People who suffer from Coulrophobia otherwise known as the fear of clowns, have much in store for them here.

Perhaps they can even overcome their fears, by spending a night or two here. Those who have stayed here, have said many strange things have happened. Was it merely their imagination, or something else?

The owner’s name is Bob Perchetti. He has owned this property more than 20 years. Now, he is at the age of retirement and put the place up for sale—for the cool asking price of $900,000 dollars. Those interested in purchasing this most unusual location, must o bide by one condition. The clown must remain behind and the theme intact.

Clown motel and graveyard

This location is filled with not only clowns, but a number of folks are buried adjacently in a cemetery nearby. It is the oldest known cemetery around this area. The motel location, rests between both Reno and Las Vegas. It has become a tourist type location in some regards.

Bob has spent a considerable amount of time, curating his clown motel. His vast collection includes everything from clown statuettes to snow globes. With many pieces, there are also some life-sized clowns on the property as well.

Clown motel office

Menacingly, there are even a few caged killer clowns to terrify some folks who wander by. More atmospheric surroundings include clown portraits on the walls, more statues, posters and of course some clowning around.

Bob even mentioned to 8 News Now, “I’m going to go fishing. I want to go enjoy myself. I’m going to do a little camping with the grand kids.”

While everything here is in good fun, there have been some reported encounters, that has left people scratching their heads. The historic miner’s cemetery here, is where the victims of a mysterious epidemic were buried.

Known as the “Tonopah plague”, this occurrence killed a number of people dating back to 1905. More than likely, these miners died from unsafe condition’s at their campsite—according to modern day doctors. While Bob is selling this place, he does plan to return to check in on his infamous clown collection. “I love clowns,” he said.

As with many phobias, people become paranoid about certain things. With clown costumes, there is a certain amount of exaggeration in both the facial features and with the body dimensions. These deformations, quite often become rather comical or even monstrous to some. When children encounter something such as this, they also can initiate a fear which lingers throughout there adult life.

(Source: History Channel news)

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