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Demon Possessed Woman Rides To Hospital, Says She Is Going To Hell

After being transported by an ambulance on a stretcher, a woman was recorded saying she is going to hell. She is seen on video, rolling her eyes around…meanwhile lurching back and forth. Some think she had some kind of mental illness, while others think something else was responsible for her behavior. This Spanish woman known

New Homeowners Find Footage Of A Demonic Possession

Where this originated from is unclear but it was posted on the YouTube channel “Cody”. Allegedly, this is 8mm footage of a man who was possessed by a demonic force of some kind. The film dates back to 1973 and was discovered by the new homeowners. Inside of the home, a canister of 8mm film

Possessed Woman Creeply Climbs Up Hospital

While many things such as these are questionable, the movements seem to be out of the ordinary. This alleged CCTV footage, appears to show a slender brunette woman at night. She appears dressed in a white hospital gown She at first, appears to scale up onto the second floor, after leaving the bottom level. All

Man from Russia possessed on camera

What appears to be a man inside of a psychiatric ward, is seen on video rambling about around a bed. He then wanders off into the deep darkness having a tantrum. What he is seeing is unknown, perhaps this man is seeing something of a satanic nature inside the room with him. His reactions verbally

Demonic Possession

Demonic possession is something which has been around for quite some time. There are different types of possession which can take place. Demonic possession is actually quite rare. There are forms of oppression and infestation which are lesser versions of a full possession. With so many reported cases of someone being possessed by the devil