Demon Possessed Woman Rides To Hospital, Says She Is Going To Hell

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After being transported by an ambulance on a stretcher, a woman was recorded saying she is going to hell. She is seen on video, rolling her eyes around…meanwhile lurching back and forth. Some think she had some kind of mental illness, while others think something else was responsible for her behavior.

Carmela Possessed By Demon Spain

This Spanish woman known as Carmela, cannot seem to lay still. Clearly, she was bothered by something. Another person can be heard in the ambulance with Carmela, she is speaking in Spanish. She attempts to wake her up, by both clapping and calling out her name. At one point in the video, Carmela can be heard saying she is going to hell.

Physically, she appears to be having some kind of seizure. It appears as if Carmela was given a type of intravenous drip. She is resistant and attempts to break free from her restraints. With her teeth bared, Carmela mutters in a terrifyingly low voice ‘I’m going, She’s going to hell’. During this time, her head seems to violently swing around.

While it is possible, Carmela could be experiencing something else such as going into labor. One woman can be heard asking her ‘Is she giving birth?’.

But it is unclear, as she has a blanket wrapped over her…making it difficult to tell if she was pregnant. Other bizarre statements made by her include: ‘This girl doesn’t exist now’ and ‘It doesn’t exist.’ She also speaks again saying, ‘My father is coming for him.’

More disturbingly, Carmela glances over with a horrifying glare saying, ‘He is mine. He is for me.’ It is believed that this video comes from somewhere in Spain. What she says, makes no rational sense. During moments such as these, people seem connected to something bad such as a demonic type presence.

Perhaps Carmela was being controlled by something which the human eye cannot see. Through a series of both desperation and panic, she attempts to contend with whatever is happening to her. It is a struggle for her and makes one wonder whether or not she did get help and recover from this situation. While it is speculation, she may well have been fighting off some kind of dark spirit or other type of energy.

There are some people who seem to be more vulnerable to these types of things, for whatever different reason. Are their minds easier to persuade? When someone acts irrationally, they give into anger which is a primitive response. The next time you see someone really angry pay attention to how they react. What remains unseen, may well be influencing them.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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