Possessed Woman Creeply Climbs Up Hospital

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While many things such as these are questionable, the movements seem to be out of the ordinary. This alleged CCTV footage, appears to show a slender brunette woman at night. She appears dressed in a white hospital gown

She at first, appears to scale up onto the second floor, after leaving the bottom level. All of it is quite creepy and many are wondering if this young woman, was possessed by some kind of demonic force.

Creepy climber Sanjeevani Hospital

Several things about this seem unreal, including it being CCTV footage. The video appears to be from a handheld cell phone camera. Also, how she scales and climbs appears to be unnatural as well. It seems that the video, might be played backwards and made to seem normalized.

Where all of this took place, appears to have happened in different areas around Central Delhi. The hospital is known by the name of Sanjeevan Hospital. It is located in Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi it was the first of its kind here. It is not known, if this was at this location or another comparably.

The video description reads, that this happened at 3:00 PM. However, the video appears to show it being sometime in the middle of the night, due to the lighting and atmosphere seen such as shadows.

One person noted that this video was filmed upside down. The problem is, the hand/guard railing, doesn’t match up with what would be typically installed. Also, a walkway divider, seems to have been made along a sidewalk outside. So, this dimisses this as being an upside down video.

Demonic possession is an actual thing. There have been numerous cases documented and even movies made, showing how someone’s body becomes a vessel for evil. Perhaps this could be an example of this but likely this is a fake of some kind.

One theory is, she was being moved by a clear fiber cable to propel her further. How she moves is quite extraordinary, like a comic book heroine. Seen in the video at 0:10, appears to be her left leg. It however is moving up, defying gravity itself.

Someone else said, “I don’t know how to do a single pull up and this woman made a pull up without any difficulty. This shows that that she is possessed by some kind of haunted soul. Simply watch her effortless movement. It is a ghost.”

Whatever is going on with her, is no doubt an oddity. Perhaps more will be learned about this soon, as it was posted on May 16th on the YouTube channel Krutika’s World.

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