Are More Shadow People Attacking Us Recently?

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There seems to be a rise with more paranormal type activity taking place around the world as of lately. Why this is happening is a big question. Perhaps people are merely delusional or they have actually witnessed something extraordinary. Both believers and skeptics alike are seeing more videos, pictures and reading some impressive stories. 

Maybe all of this is some kind of perfect timing taking place. Many years ago, people would possibly be locked up for such tales or be laughed at. Now, people are beginning to see that something strange is occurring within our world. Whether or not it is really happening is the biggest question that remains. 

As of recently, in the United States during the month of June, a Texas couple mentioned being haunted by a shadowy figure. This mystery figure didn’t appear just once but a multitude of times to them. It wasn’t just one family member who witnessed this, it was the entire family. So, they are all in on it or they did really see something. It really makes one wonder about it.

With history and folklore, there have been mentions about shadowy type creatures resembling what we know as shadow people. Some of these reports date back to the year of 2001. It was none other than the late Art Bell (An American broadcaster and author) who interviewed a Native American man known as Thunder Strikes, aka “Harley SwiftDeer Reagan”. 

While the Art Bell show was on, the listeners were then encouraged to submit their drawings of these alleged shadow people. People were surprised at what they looked at on his website. One woman named Heidi Hollis then would go on to publish her first book about these shadow people and the sightings about them. 

She then became a recurring guest on the Coast to Coast show. There were mentions of people being choked by these shadow people, but they were also said to be nothing more than flickers or shapes being seen from someone’s peripheral vision. 

Green face in shadows
Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

It is assumed or realized that these shadow people have been reported about jumping and choking people while they were experiencing what is known as sleep paralysis. This experience is often about someone having an indistinctive humanoid like form approach them, as they lay awake unable to move being between consciousness and unconsciousness. 

What these things are remains a real mystery. Are they something evil or something else entirely? It seems their intentions are rather dubious. Are these fallen angels or demons? There are so many questions about these demonic type presences. 

People seem to be witnessing some kind of indistinct shape and it seems to happen sometime during the night to them. There are even methamphetamine addicts who have said shadow people appear before them after prolonged periods of sleep deprivation. There have been a number of different explanations about shadow people. Maybe people are just far more receptive to the possibility of these than before. Some think there is an increase due to the changes within the Earth’s magnetic field or quite possibly environmental disruptions are taking place more frequently. 

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So, what can someone do about such an experience? If you have no means to leave where you are living currently, then try to contact a priest, exorcist or further attempt to ward away such an entity on your own. This can be dangerous according to some, but most importantly try to remain calm about it. 

Think rationally and determine what is the best action to handle something like this. There are both good and evil forces within our world and it seems like a great war is taking place right now. We are only being spoon fed or drip fed a limited amount of information. Perhaps we are going to head into a new age in this world. Let’s hope it’s a better direction than what has been taking place so far. We desperately need some positive changes. 

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