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Demon Torments Remaining Friend

Demon Torments Remaining Friend

It is unknown when and where this occurred but someone lost their friend to a suicide. Until this happened, their life seemed to be fairly typical. Over the last several years, this person changed...

My First Demon

Encounter With My First Demon

One person shared their bizarre encounter which happened to them long ago. It all started when they were 14 years old. For whatever reason, this person has been connected to paranormal incidents. As time...

Demons haunt my very soul supernatural

Shadowy Demonic Orbs, Haunt My Very Soul

A teenage girl named Britney crossed paths with something supernatural. It happened to her back in January of 2012. These encounters took place over time, lasting for around several months. Britney said, she witnessed...


Satanic demon magicians exposed

Demonic forces are at work, throughout the ages of time influences have been made in the form of magic. Ever hear the phrase did you make a deal with the devil? Perhaps some people...