Exploring The Eye island in Argentina

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A rather unusual spot located in Argentina has people baffled. Nicknamed “The Eye” this spot seemingly moves by itself at various times. It is a circular cutout of land located in a very remote location making it rather treacherous to reach. There is a Kickstarter project which has been established to fund further exploration into this strange phenomenon.

Originally, The Eye was found by an Argentine film director named Sergio Neuspillem. They were looking different locations to shoot their movie. The crew originally wanted to create a paranormal type film. The place has great locations to shoot a film such as this. Speculation in this area deems it to be a haunted location. There are even reports of extraterrestrial encounters happening here as well. Whether or not they lead to anything further also has sparked interest of this area.


Using Google Earth, the director and his crew were able to pinpoint satellite shots hovering over the rough location just past the swamp land there. After finding such a strange location, director Sergio Neuspillem insisted to return with further funding and more perspectives from using Google Earth. For those interested, the actual coordinates are 34°15’07.8’S 58°49’47.4″W.


The spot essentially is an island which is surrounded by a channel of water. The diameter of the island is 130 yards in size. The shape is so perfectly formed—it makes it difficult to believe that it was done by mankind. Perhaps something else was at work here. Journalist Alejandro Agostinelli who specializes in paranormal mysteries, believes that interviewing people who live in the area, will help turn up some answers.

Sergio decided to team up with Richard Petroni. He is a civil engineer from New York. Also accompanying them is technical expert Pablo Martinez. This is what they had to say about the location:

“The place was amazing and extremely strange. We discovered that the water is incredibly clear and cold, something totally unusual in the area,” the filmmaker said. “The bottom is hard in contrast to the swampy marshes surrounding it and the center part floats. We don’t know over what, but it floats.”

It is unknown what might be below “The Eye island” perhaps there is something holding it in place. What that might be has the crew very intrigued. After the $50,000 dollar funding is reached, the plan is to come back to the location and document the area further with samples, diving crews and further exploration of the area. For those wanting to help, you can donate HERE.

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