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The hacker group known as Anonymous, have recently posted a video on YouTube about the existence of aliens in Antarctica. What has been discovered, is a collaboration which exists between governments and extraterrestrials from beyond what we know about. Anonymous mentions, that more information about this is on the way, as details become further clearer… Read Article →

It seems that we should expect what are known as The Anunnaki, they are bound to return to Earth soon as many wonder what their intentions will be. What exactly are they? The legend of them states they are Sumerian Gods who will one day come back to our planet. The Pentagon has held back… Read Article →

Interesting video has been captured recently which actually appears to be some sort of UFO object hovering in the sky at night. It was captured by a trail camera mounted on a tree on a 150 acre property owned by Rainer and Edith Shattles, who live in Jackson County, Mississippi. These cameras are there to record… Read Article →

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