Mysterious Alien Photograph Removed From 4Chan Quickly

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This is one of many alien photographs floating around the internet. Until now, I’ve never seen this one before. It appears to show what we know as a grey alien possibly mind controlling someone in what looks like a space suit. There is a written marking on the left side labeled as 64F-3 or possibly 6xF-3. 

4Chan alien photograph

The image was also posted in an article on the UFOSFOOTAGE site from the UK. Quite possibly, we can be looking at a real alien encounter taken long ago. The year, location and who took the photo is all but a mystery. 

Lee Lewis mentioned on their site that they were looking through some Reddit posts and came across a post about UFOs, aliens and Pentagon leaks. Also, he was browsing through ancient alien photos as well. The source was by someone known as Kingskywolf on Reddit. They may or may not be the original poster.

Allegedly, there was a guy who posted a top secret photo. It appears to be from a series of slides from an undisclosed location. At least someone was able to preserve it. Quite possibly, this could be a clip from a movie. However, I have no idea personally where it originated from yet. 

One of the big questions about this was just how fast the photograph was taken down. What was the reason for this? On this slide photo, someone from the inside decided to share it. Was this a last ditch effort? From the appearance of the photo, it looks quite old. This makes one wonder why so much time passed before it was shared. 

The alien looking entity or what resembles one seems to have all the typical grey alien features including it being small in stature with large black eyes and an over-sized head. The alien appears to be directly looking towards whoever was wearing the suit. Towards the left hand side of the photo appears to be either a curtain or pillar with several chairs behind it. The room seems to be well illuminated and in the background there are more chairs or even a piano nearby seen in the back. 

To me, this looks like a backstage scene from a theater somewhere but that is just a guess. Certainly a creature like this is far more advanced than us. However, some people believe otherwise – as the grey aliens like this are believed to be more like minions or organic robots wandering around doing the bidding of their masters. 

If the man or woman angered this alien – then it does seem to be using some sort of telepathy to control their actions. All of this is quite unusual but equally fascinating nonetheless. 


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