Jamaican Boy Attacked By Unholy Spirit

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This video has remained a head scratchier for a while. People are convinced this is real. Perhaps it is. However due to the video quality, it makes it difficult to tell. Real or not, this remains to be an interesting video. Apparently, a young 11 year old Jamaican boy has been experiencing paranormal activity for a while now. He along with others, believe that he is being haunted or tortured by some kind of unholy spirit. His identity has been blurred out in the video.

In the Jamaican culture, what is known as a “Duppy” is a ghost or spirit. These manifestations are regarded as malevolent typically. They arise at night and people who are out during the late night hours, have reported seeing them.

Duppy boy Jamaica

Some stories about the Duppy include a scary creature known as “Rolling Calf”. This thing has chains wrapped around its body. There is a 3 footed horse, that has been seen as well. One Duppy spirit is known and referred to as “Old Higue”. All of these spirits, are dangerous to those who come across them. They are malicious by nature.

It is unknown if one of these spirits in particular was attacking this boy but it could be a possibility. Located in a number of the islands of the Lesser Antilles are jumbies. This is another word used for duppy. Barbados also uses the word duppy and it holds the same meaning as it does in Jamaica.
The origination of duppy comes from the the Central part of Africa and is apart of Bantu folklore.

While looking at several parts of the video, the boy’s legs move while he is in the chair. Some think that a wire of some kind was used to make the boy move. He seems to suddenly be yanked towards the wall. Was someone merely pulling him with a wire of some kind? Or, did something else make it happen? It doesn’t seem like he was using his legs to simply push off.

Duppy boy chair Jamaica

Oddly, the boy’s mother is closely standing near him while all of this happens. Was she covering up something for this to happen? Afterward the same boy seemingly appears to be dragged by something along the wall behind him.

duppy boy pulled by ghost

Another theory is, he was experiencing some kind of seizure during these moments. Despite all of this, people seem convinced that an otherworldly presence of some kind is haunting this boy for whatever reason. It is a weird video and may be disturbing to see for some viewers.

One person commented, “If this little boy from a small town in Jamaica is acting he needs an Oscar for the ability to be able to defy physics and gravity while acting. Really take a look at the part when he’s getting his leg pulled by the spirit. If you know anything about physics, gravity and kinesiology (the study of human movement) then you too would consider it a great possibility that something is pulling on this boys body…”

This video dating back to 2010, is both fascinating and disturbing to watch.

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