How Robotic Technology Will Help Us Find Extraterrestrial Life

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One professor named Susan Schneider, has proclaimed that with the use of advanced robotic technology we will one day find more evidence of extraterrestrial life forms. These robots will be immune to environmental conditions that would otherwise be unexplorable by human beings. 

Professor Susan Schneider also went on to say that alien AI (artificial intelligence) does exist in the cosmos and can even live for billions of years.

“I don’t believe biological alien societies will be the most successful, I believe post biological technologies, artificial intelligence, or alien super intelligence, will be the most intelligent civilizations.” Schneider says.

“Other civilizations may be much older than us, ” Schneider added. But earthlings are celestial babies, she added.”

“Both lines of evidence point to the fact that the maximum lifespan of extraterrestrial intelligence would be billions of years, precisely between 1.7 billion and 8 billion years.” Professor Schneider said in an article with the Daily Galaxy.

Silicone based life forms (robots) can survive longer than carbon-based life forms can survive harsher and more dangerous scenarios.

There are some advantages to being silicon based, according to Dr. Schneider.

“For example, space travel is much better because there is enormous computing power available and no physical limitations like the skull, and a machine could potentially achieve super intelligence, faster than a human being, he said.”

Robot space travel
Image by Andy from Pixabay

There is a real possibility that these robots can track down traces of what happened long ago. These kinds of explorations would take place not just here on earth but when we advance to further space exploration. 

Many people would argue whether or not they would want to actually interact with an alien life force of some kind. But we have no idea about what they would be. There is a real possibility that humans would be vulnerable to them. Humans would get sick or possibly even die after being in their presence. 

There are many accounts of alien abductions and people being probed by smaller sized alien beings. Some think those small aliens are in fact minions or workers that are collecting information about us and reporting their findings to some other kind of alien entity of some kind.

Back here on earth, The University of Connecticut Institute of Advanced Studies and Robotics makes use of a stellar research facility. It is composed of visionary scientists and engineers who follow their passion for exploration and seeking out answers. 

From the further studies conducted by this institute, they have advanced more each day. They have been working on more complex type surgeries and other procedures to make their accuracy much better than it was before including both precision and speed.

The robotics are the key focus it seems. Just like other independent companies and research facilities they are also working on autonomous vehicles. Perhaps one day we will have self-driving vehicles on the roadways.

They of course will have to be able to navigate their way through different speeds and conditions safely. From what is understood, many students from the university are hands-on and have contributed to the research as well. 

Image by Lukas from Pixabay

With the use of robotics technology, it will revolutionize many industries in the world including everything from healthcare to transport and space. The boundaries continue to be pushed further each year. This is how robotic technology will help us, it will take away the imminent danger that would otherwise put humans at risk. 

Machines will continue to be a part of our lives and robots are (at some point) going to be in each household in the world. It is inevitable and the world truly will be a different one that we have previously known from before. 

It makes you wonder what our ancestors would think and what we have accomplished so far (aside from useless wars waged) instead of working together to accomplish and further propel the world in a better direction together. Let’s make use of these robots but for good causes and not destruction. Maybe these robots will lead us to extraterrestrial discovery as well.

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