Inmates At Woman’s Prison In India, Claim They Are Being Haunted By A Ghost

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These women proclaim that a ghostly spirit has been haunting them. Howls of terror and screams can be heard every night. The women here have no other explanation, other than this being some kind of recurring paranormal experience for them. 

Ghost India Womens Prison

Each night, wailing screams pierce through the very walls of where these women serve time in prison for their crimes. The guards were soon notified of this torment. Certainly some of them questioned the responses from these women. Some belief them while others doubt their claims.

From what is understood, these women said each night this keeps happening. They keep hearing the same type of sounds being made. The prison where this is located is in the village of Tihar. Witnesses have said the figure resembles that of a woman and she has been spotted a number of times recently. 

The prisoners said, this seems to happen around 2:00 AM each night. Many women have not been able to sleep well due to the noises being made. Most simply think that a fellow inmate is the one responsible for all the noise – nobody has come forward yet with information about this scenario. 

Many people don’t know what to make of all this. Gossip gets around quick in prison and many are quickly becoming paranoid about such rumors. Now, the inmates in the prison are imagining or creating a backstory for the troubled screaming spirit.

Perhaps this ghost was once a prisoner here who was falsely accused. Quite possibly, she may have taken her own life and now her spirit still lingers behind, unable to move forward into the afterlife. 

Her days must have been numbered and now she seemingly haunts this place. For how much longer is anyone’s best guess. She may unjustly live out the rest of her days here in a sort of hell of her own. Many strange things can happen in prison. Is this some kind of prank being done over and over again? Anything is possible. 

Maybe this woman contracted some kind of disease and even began hallucinating altogether. From what is understood, officials at the prison are now investigating the matter. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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