Driver Suspended After Monkey Drives Bus

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It happened not long ago in India, when a bus driver decided to let a random monkey drive. The passengers on board of the bus, seemed to not mind either. The bus driver was later suspended after word of what happened reached the internet. Not long after did the video go viral online.

Seen in the video, is a langur monkey sitting on top of the bus wheel. It even turned the wheel back and forth, to mimic what the driver had been doing. The driver continued to watch around him and was also seen petting the monkey while it steered the bus along the road.

Monkey drives Bus In India

The entire incident was captured by one of the passengers from their camera phone. A statement was released later by a spokesperson representing the government’s Road and Transport Corporation. This is what they said, “Driver M Prakash has been taken off duty for allowing the monkey to sit on the steering wheel and handle it.”

This happened last Monday yet the authorities only got word about it after the video was posted online and later shared on social media sites. From what is known, there were 30 passengers on board the bus at the time.

None of them complained from what is understood. Perhaps even, they laughed at what was happening. The monkey was in control of the bus for around 10 minutes and seemed to enjoy itself.

Monkey on wheel India bus

It is unclear where exactly the monkey took over driving. If it was in a more isolated spot, the risk of danger would have been lower that an accident could have happened. Word about this spread quickly through local media outlets. It is unknown who actually posted the video first, but news of this is making waves across the internet lately. The state of transport authority mentioned, that an investigation will be conducted over this incident.

While this started off merely innocent, something bad could have happened. That being said, this monkey probably drove better than some drivers out there. Some animals are quite clever and monkeys are quite close to humans genetically. Perhaps this explains why people act the way they do in certain moments.

(Source: Wasabiroots)

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