India Residents Report Mystery Creature Knocking On Windows And Doors At Night

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A strange series of events have been taking place recently amidst the pandemic outbreak happening around the world. Residents from various locations in India, reportedly have seen a mysterious creature ravaging rooftops and knocking on doors and windows during the night. Is this merely someone playing a prank and dressed up in a costume or is this something else? 

Whatever it is, people are scared and authorities have begun their investigation into it. Residents living in the Karikkad, North Karikkad, Villannur, Aruvayi and Kongannur areas have reported the most activity according to

Most people said they witnessed this creature roaming around the region. Typically, they watched this thing roam around on top of roofs. Sometimes they noticed it roaming around in peoples front yards after 9:00 PM. 


When asked more about this mystery creature, local residents said it had a dark shape about it. This thing made many noises by banging on both the doors and windows of peoples homes. Whatever this is, the creature is extraordinarily fast being able to move at great speeds. This would rule out it being human per say as it was able to leap over walls at a moments notice. 

Villagers have chased after it so far but no one has been able to subdue the foul beast yet. One encounter mentioned it being able to slide down the trunk of a nearby mango tree to escape. The mass hysteria continues as people think this supernatural creature continues to haunt the area, sort of speak. 

Some think this is merely some madman aimlessly rummaging through the area, perhaps looking for their next drug fix or someone mentally unstable. Some locals are wandering outside even though lock downs have been issued for the coronavirus. Complaints continue to pile up at the Kunnamkulam Police Station and will continue until answers are given. Officials said police will increase patrols within the area.

(Source: Anomalien)

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