Goofy Ghost Prank Gets Friends Arrested In India

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While they were out dressed up as a clown and ghost, several friends decided to get cute with the locals in the area. Because they kept doing it, they were eventually arrested due to complaints.

This took place in the city of Bengaluru. They continued to jokingly harass pedestrians wandering the streets at night. 

A number of different drivers kept passing by scratching their heads over their bizarre antics. Instead of coming across creepy and scary, they looked more like a couple of goofballs out on the streets late at night.

Ghost prank in India

One guy was dressed up in a white looking robe wearing a long dark wig, while the other had a clown mask on. It is unknown if they had been drinking but likey so.

Those who wandered by couldn’t help but become unsettled. Maybe it was the wig hair that put them off, along with an unsettling obscured face.

They attempted to disturb the wrong people it seems as they were later locked up by local authorities. It is unknown how long they were locked up for, but they likely would not do this again. Well maybe not anyway. Both of these fools continued to do this until the wee hours of the morning. 

One person wandering by was particularly unsettled by his encounter. It seems that this  ‘apparition’ upset them to the point of contacting the authorities.

They actually believed this person was a real ghostly spirit of some kind. It seems that these two pranksters were not alone as they had six of their friends with them to help prank people wandering by. Eventually the police came and and these guys were taken away rather quickly.

It was understood that their intentions were innocent enough and were only meant to be a joke. However, they kept at it and the police spoke with them at the station.

The problems with them doing this was, whether or not someone would suffer some kind of heart attack or if they were scared enough to put them into a dangerous moment like being hit by a car.

Scaring people in public areas is often frowned upon. Now, the seven men in question, will face several charges including wrongful restraint and criminal intimidation.

The reason these men did all of this was to become famous on YouTube. It seems they have already gained a following in India among other places. Maybe it was worth the risk to be put in jail as they might claim fame from this when they get out. This is the world we are living in nowadays. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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