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Ghost Hunting Team Gets Screamed At By Ghost

The Illinois Paranormal Researchers Association (IPRA) posted a spine chilling screech made by what appears to be a female ghost of some kind. Why she was protecting this area is unknown but clearly some voices were recorded with their equipment. Even when they returned back to their meeting place on the road, this wailing witching scream could be heard.

Most people are skeptical but it has a real creepy vibe about it. Not everything is fake, there are some genuine moments that have been captured and shared. When dealing with any kind of entity such as this, it is best to remain cautious. Sometimes what is perceived to be a ghost, can be that of a demonic type of power instead. Aliens are even believed to be demons by some folks.

Ghost woman heard on camera

People can speculate many things about what to do or how to interact with the dead. These spirits are trapped between our world and the next. This is something that has been believed for many years. When all else fails, faith in different religious beliefs are natural instincts that people turn towards.

When the team approached Reeder Road in Griffith, Indiana they didn’t expect to discover something lingering in the darkness. The ghastly cries sounded like a woman’s voice being picked up on camera and with their audio recording gear. This happened when the team were out wandering around during a live stream broadcast.

Investigative personalities such as this, are always on the go…looking for the next big breaking story. While exploring, these guys have come across other spiritual energies which they have been shared on their YouTube channel.

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Being a ghost hunter or chaser isn’t all fun and games, it can be at times quite dangerous. Stumbling around the in the dark trying to make contact with the spirits is always a risk. You never know what might be out there (including deranged individuals) wandering around. Likewise, there are animals that prowl in the night.

IPRA female ghost sound heard

David Scott is the lead investigator of the Illinois Paranormal Research Association or IPRA Strong. They upload videos each week of their findings. The mission is to separate the haunted places from the not so haunted places. Scott said that they give real internet ghost footage of their haunted spirit investigations.

The footage seen, is 100% authentic they claim. These guys are very passionate about what they do and seek the truth of things. They have a website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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