Employee experiences encounters with possessed mannequin

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While working at the department store Dillard’s located in Florida, an employee noticed something out of the ordinary—as strange things began happening at the store. She believed that one of the mannequins at the store, is possessed by something. One particular mannequin, sits near the front part of one main entrance.

This typically is used to display different dresses on sale. (The department is in the junior section of the store) While working there, they mentioned just how creepy this one mannequin seemed to be. It almost felt like they were being eerily watched by this one mannequin. There are several other mannequins which are used by this department at the store as well.

However, this one seemed entirely different. They had a bad feeling about this mannequin. One night before closing, the lady was straightening a rack of clothes near the mannequin, when they heard a loud scraping type sound. There was only one other employee working that evening and they were downstairs returning a pair of shoes.

What they thought, was either another employee or customer came to drop something off. However, when they turned around, she noticed that the mannequin was facing away from the entrance, instead of towards the door like it normally would be. This certainly puzzled and startled her. She simply refused to go closer until her co-worker returned.

She at first thought she simply imagined that the mannequin moved and her mind was merely playing tricks on her. Then she rationally started thinking that it was always facing the same way. She believed this mannequin was watching her work. It is a typical mannequin, seen in any type of store such as this. It isn’t motorized in any way, but pose able.

This wasn’t the only strange moment, several weeks passed by and the lady came back in to work a morning shift. She discovered the same mannequin inside one of the dressing rooms. She assumed that one of her fellow co-workers had simply placed it there. One of the visual team inspectors came by asking where the mannequin was.

She told them it was in the dressing room. After hearing this, they got angry as the night before this mannequin was dressed for a prom-theme demo display. It had an expensive gown on as well. As this lady asked around, everyone simply denied moving the mannequin. Her heart began to sink into her stomach, she was in complete and utter shock.

One fellow employee named Rebecca said that as she was walking by the mannequin one night, she heard someone hiss,‘Leave.’ She mentioned that the mannequin moved its head as well. But she couldn’t verify it did happen, she thought she imagined it initially. Another incident happened, when a customer was in the store—checking the price tag of the dress the mannequin was wearing.

The customer complained she felt an electrical type of shock. It was strong enough for her to say she had been electrocuted. She shrieked loudly and a manager then approached her, asking her if she was okay and what was wrong. The manager heard the stories of this mannequin but didn’t believe a word of it.

Mannequin with necklace

Later, on one customer had lost a locket while trying on clothes in the store. This young girl was upset about it as her father had given it to her. He had since passed away. Several employees looked around all of the dressing rooms and all around the department. They couldn’t find this locket anywhere.

The young girl then left the store in tears. The lady felt badly for the girl but didn’t know what else to do. The next evening, while she was in the store working she looked over and noticed the locket hanging around the neck of the mannequin. Even more disturbing is that the locket was empty and inside the picture was gone.

(Source: Ghosts and Ghouls)

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