Old Ghost Man Photo Gets Shared On Facebook

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When Andrea Dawn snapped a photograph back years ago, she had no idea what else she had captured. While using her cell phone, she intended to capture a selfie to be used online. To her dismay, she noticed what resembled an old ghost man standing next to her. Eager to get other peoples opinion, she later posted the photo onto a paranormal discussion group on Facebook.

Andrea Dawn Old Ghost Man Photo

Unbeknownst to Andrea, her photograph would end up going viral for a while. There certainly does resemble a man next to her and he does look quite elderly. Who this man was, has since remained a mystery. The photograph was taken at Andrea’s parents house. Perhaps he died here and still haunts the location.

Originally, the photograph was shared on the Facebook group Creepy Ghostly Encounters, currently with 42,708 members. To this day, Andrea believes this was a supernatural type occurrence. The man seems to be lurking behind her. It is assumed this photo was taken in the evening, at her parents’ house in Indiana. At the time the photo was taken, nobody else was around she said.

Andrea also said, “I don’t live in the house, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My parents live in Albany, Indiana and I go home to stay for a couple of days at a time when I visit them. My mom was at work and my dad went to pick up some cigars and get gas because we were going out to eat dinner. I was getting ready and thought I would take a photo and post it on Facebook so I did. I didn’t see it at first until recently and I thought nothing of it. I haven’t had anything else happen to me like this before.”

Later, this photo was examined and determined to be taken with a BlackBerry 9330 smartphone with no flash. The image itself, displayed no signs of tampering or editing, according to a number of people who looked at this image with different software. Perhaps this strange seen anomaly, is nothing more than visual pareidolia.

Andrea said, “It looks like a man standing to the far right of me. Where it’s standing is a doorway that leads to my grandparents old bedroom.” The photo is interesting and may be evidence of something supernatural after all. (On a side note, Andrea resembles English singer and actress Samantha Fox)

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